Netherlands, the land of clogs (and weed), is a small country in Europe. Even though it’s small there’s plenty to do and see here. On this page you can read all our Netherlands travel tips to make your trip great. For more tips and ideas, head to the bottom of this page, where all our blog posts about the Netherlands are.

There is more to see in the Netherlands than Amsterdam, such as long beaches, small cute villages, and more.

Netherlands travel map

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As we lived in the Netherlands we haven’t stayed in hotels here. However, we still have some general tips for you.

Amsterdam is the biggest tourist place, and accommodation is quite expensive. It can also be hard to find affordable places to stay during peak seasons or festivals. So you might want to book your accommodation in advance. Also make sure to check AirBnb for Amsterdam, as this can be affordable.

The only tips we can give you for the rest of the Netherlands is that in every town and city there will be places to stay, again, check AirBnb. There are also many camping spots around the country.

The Netherlands is not famous for its food, and dutch food is not the best. There are a few things you should try while your here, such as Bitterballen, fried balls that goes perfect with beer.

Even if Dutch food isn’t great, there are loads of good restaurants in Amsterdam. Many people from around the world, especially Surinam, Indonesia and Turkey, who have brought they’re food culture with them. There are loads of middle eastern, Surinamese and Indonesian restaurants with great food. Also all types of western European food can be found and asian.

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Small country, but still loads to do. Long beaches along the coast, visit small villages, visit castles, beautiful architecture etc.

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As the country is small, it’s very easy to travel in. Train connections are great and you can travel all over the country in short amount of time. Also roads are in great conditions and it’s easy to go by car everywhere.

For the smallest places, there will be busses.

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