Welcome to my page. My name is @abearcalledpaddington and my assistants run this website. They kindly gave me a little space to make my own.

My Instagram is filled with quotes, Haikus, my thoughts, my friends and the people I meet while I travel.

I hope to bring some insight into the places we visit, the history, the architecture and the culture.

Below is the first picture taken of me! I was bought on Portabello Road in London in 2010 by my assistants bonus Dad. In 2016 I joined @therealmrmule and @ltulipa for their Euro Road Trip. Since then I have traveled through Europe, SEAsia and a few other places too.

My first photo
A picture of me, my assistants bonus Dad and the old street vendor on Portobello Road Market in London where I was bought in 2010




Countries I have visited

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