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Hi and welcome to our travel blog!

We are Sam and Livia, a Brit and Swede. We met at work in Amsterdam, and have been together since 2016 and got engaged two years later. This year we sold all our things and ended the contract on our apartment in Amsterdam to go travelling around the world. This has been a dream for the both of us for a long time, and we finally decided to make it a reality.

Read more about our individual stories below. You can also read more about why we decided to go travelling indefinitely in this blog post.









We’re Livia & Sam. A Swede and a Brit travelling around the world and trying to make it work


Hi, my name is Sam, I’m from Leeds in the UK and I’ve lived in the Netherlands for about 14 years. I’ve worked most of my life with either food or with IT. I’ve done website design, desktop/server support, graphic design and coding. Before my IT career I worked in a butchers shop, in a wine merchants and I used to be a chef in 5* hotels and restaurants so I love food and cooking, my Mum always used to say “Cook with love” and it’s something I still abide to to this day.

I love street food where ever I go, seeing, smelling and tasting new foods is my passion. You always meet great people when you eat with the locals. I love graffiti and street art, it can really brighten a place up and makes for great walking tours. Another passion of mine is to find the best coffee joints in new places.

I’ve always enjoyed travelling, but never had much opportunity to live out that dream. Over the last few years Livia (my fiancee, best friend and most awesomest travel partner ever) and I have traveled together through Indonesia and Europe. We found our passion for travel, writing and blogging. So we’ve sold everything and taken a leap of faith into the big wide world.


A wanna be Disney princess by day and ninja by night. I was born in Stockholm, Sweden but never really felt at home there. So when I moved from home, I moved to a new city, Malmรถ, in the South of Sweden to study. After 5 years in Malmรถ I decided to try a new country and ended up in Amsterdam for 3 years, where I met Sam. I guess I’ve always had itchy feet and I’ve always travelled a lot. This probably comes from my dad, who loved to travel and was backpack in Thailand already in the 60s.

We have this saying in Sweden “Borta bra, men hemma bรคst”, it rouglty translates into “Away is good, but home is best”. However, my dad always said that it was the other way around for me. And I guess he was right!

When my dad passed away, March 2018, it really shook me and made me reevaluate my life, and what was important. Together with Sam we both realised that we’re living lives we’re not happy with and decided to make a drastic change. So we ended up selling all our stuff to go on the road indefinitely.



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