Hiking to the El Limon waterfalls is a must do for anyone visiting Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic

There are many guided tours available from various agencies, but that is not this guide.

We will walk the opposite route most tourists take. Apart from two uphill’s, it’s mostly downhill.

This guide will tell you how to do it all by yourself, it’s quite simple if you have a little map reading knowledge and even better if you can speak a little Spanish.


0700 – 0745 Guagua to El Limon
0745 – 0830 Walk to waterfalls
0830 – 0930 Enjoy waterfalls
0930-1030 Walk to El Limon
1030-1100 Guagua to Las Terrenas

Salto El Limon

What you will need

Phone with Google Maps installed
$500 DOP
Drinking water
A snack
Sun protection
Waterproof jacket
Swimming costume
A change of clothes



4 hours total:

30 minutes drive to entrance

1 hour walk to waterfall

1 hour at waterfall

1 hour walk to exit

30 minutes drive back

Get your map!

Before we begin let’s get your map setup on your phone. It will be useful to have as a backup. We’re going to use the Offline Maps feature as there isn’t always a cellular signal available.

  1. On your phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app
  2. Make sure you’re connected to the internet andย signed in to Google Maps.
  3. Search for a place, Salto El Limon.
  4. Tap The three dots (top right) > Download offline map > Download

Location, Location, Location!

Next, while we are in the application, let’s add the locations of where we will be picked up and dropped off by the local guagua.

Parrada Guagua
Parrada Guagua – Las Terrenas > Samanรก

Hike to El Limon Waterfall

I highly recommend you use the MAPY.CZ app for hiking. It usually has all the walking paths and many routes are available straight off the app.

Mapy.cz for iPhone
Mapy.cz for Android



Guagua Pickup

Las Terrenas


The ‘Parrada Guagua El Limon’ outside La Bodega, opposite the cemetary

Guagua Dropoff

El Limon


Appx 4km after the town of El limon. Known as ‘Casa Nega’ at the 19km road marking

Guagua Pickup

El Limon


The bus stop in El Limon

Guagua Dropoff

Las Terrenas


Cemetery Roadย 

Guagua times
Guagua times Las Terrenas > Samanรก
Casa Nega
Casa Nega

How to get to El Limon Waterfalls from Las Terrenas (without the guide)

Part One: The Guagua

We’re going to start early in the morning for a few good reasons,

  1. Cooler Temperature
  2. Less Tourists
  3. Return for lunch

The first Guagua leaves Parrada Guagua opposite the cemetery at 07:15am. I highly reccommend you get that one or at the latest the 08:00am one.

Tell the man who hangs around the stop you want to go to El Limon. He should tell you which guagua it is (when it turns up).

Tell the driver you want to go to ‘Casa Nega‘ย  after El Limon. It is at the 19km to Samanรก road sign

The drive will take about 25 minutes. The driver will stop and you should pay $150 DOP per person (correct as of April 2022)

Cross the main road (careful as you are next to the brow of the hill) You will see the signs ‘Casa Nega‘ and ‘Cascada Del Limon‘. Follow the signs and take the dirt road that leads up the hill.

How to get to El Limon Waterfalls from Las Terrenas (without the guide)

Part Two: Hike to the falls

Walk to the top of the hill, you will notice a small blue and yellow wooden house on your right, opposite on your right hand side you will notice a stile in the fence to the field beyond. Pass through the fence.

Just for a few minutes, climb to the brow of this hill for your first view of the surrounding area. Don’t worry, you can see the well trodden path beneath you crossing the field to the left.

First Viewpoint
First Viewpoint over the sub tropical rainforest of El Limon in Samanรก

Walk directly down to the path and keep following it all the way until you hit your first river crossing. It’s shallow and has a small path across it. Immediately after you can turn left and head to the waterfall entrance.

Hiking Route to El Limon
Our hiking route from Casa Nega back to El Limon via the waterfalls
Altitude Profile
Altitude profile of the hike. It’s mostly downhill I promise!

How to get to El Limon Waterfalls from Las Terrenas (without the guide)

Part Three: The falls and out

Now, if you set off on the 07:15am guagua, then there’s probably nobody here to take your money, you enter for free!

If however you took the 08:00am guagua then you will now pay the entrance fee of $50 DOP.ย 

TIP: Regardless, before you descend the stepped path to the waterfall go behind the souvenir shop. You get a view straight down the falls

Once you reach the bottom you can go for a swim in the pool and enjoy the magnificence of this 40m high waterfall. You can swim right up under the falls which is very exhilarating!

To leave the falls, cross the small wooden bridge and head further down the path, cross the river and past another smaller waterfall. From here you have a big push uphill to the next viewpoint.

As the path opens into a green area, on your left hand side you get an amazing view over the falls.

Head through the makeshift giftshop, past the mule parking and take the left up to the next viewpoint. It’s a little roundabout way so you don’t have to double back, just descend the mountain, cross the river, then wade through the river for 100m and exit where you see the water pump and pipe.

This exit will take you to the main road (and official entrance to the Waterfalls) Turn right and walk down the main road back to El Limon