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Sweden, the land of lagom and fika, is the biggest of the Nordic countries, and the most beautiful one if you ask Livia. On this page you can read all our Sweden travel tips to make your trip great. For more tips and ideas, head to the bottom of this page, where all our blog posts about Sweden are.

Sweden is a long country, ca 1 600 km from the North to South. This gives Sweden a very different nature and feel between the regions. Experience the mountains and vast forests in the north of Sweden, the archipelagos outside Stockholm and Göteborg, the flat county of Skåne or the beaches on the islands Gotland and Öland. With more than half of the population living in the southern half of the country, there is more things to see and do.

Due to the low density of people in Sweden and the vast nature areas and reserves, Sweden makes the perfect trip for a nature lover. The best time to visit Sweden is during Summer, long sunny days next to the lake or sea, sunsets around midnight. Listening to nature buzzing around you while you relax with a cold beer or some elderflower juice. Sweden has a lot to offer so make sure to explore this beautiful country.

Sweden Travel Map

See our top Sweden travel tips on the map below.
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As we have family in Stockholm, we have never had to stay in a hotel there. And it was a long time ago Livia travelled through Sweden now. So we might not be the best people to give tips on specific places to stay at. However, we can give you general tips on accommodation to give you an idea of where to stay.

Prices of accommodation in Sweden varies quite a bit, in Stockholm everything is quite expensive, and so is accommodation. All towns and cities in Sweden will have hotels or guesthouses. In country side you will also find many bed and breakfasts along the roads. For the budget traveler, camping is a very popular option and there are loads of free and paid for camping spots all around the country. Or if you’re not the camping person, opt for “vandrarhem” (hostels), which you can find in many small town or in nature areas, as well as in cities.

Where to stay in Stockholm

The closer to the city, the more it’s going to cost you/the less you get for your money. But as long as you stay close to a metro or train station, you can easily get into town. Just be aware that the metro or train doesn’t run 24/7, and after a certain time you will need to take a night bus instead. So if you’ve come to party, it might be better to stay in the city. We would suggest going for an AirBnB in Stockholm, to get the real Stockholm experience. Stockholm is very spread out, so wherever you stay you will probably take public transport at some point.

Sweden has a great affinity with Sushi, Kebab, Sandwiches, Sausages and of course meatballs. It’s traditional in Sweden to go for a coffee and a cake (Fika) at least once a day. Food in supermarkets is usually cheaper than restaurants, but it’s still pretty expensive. You can also find that lunch menus are cheaper than evening dinner menus due to the cost of staff, so one tip is to eat out for lunch and cook for yourself in the evening. In smaller towns there will be more Swedish food, sandwiches, or restaurants serving husmanskost (traditional Swedish food). All towns, however small they are will have a Pizzeria (Warning, this is Swedish pizza – not Italian!). Everywhere in Sweden you will find – loads of fika places!

Eating in Stockholm

Stockholm has loads of great places to eat, ranging from Kebab or korv (hot dogs) at street food stalls to 5 star restaurants. Check out our blog post about best places to eat in Stockholm (LINK!).

Sweden has many activities to enjoy. If you are visiting Stockholm for example, there are tons of museums, boat rides, parks and interesting things to see. In the country you might find a more sedate life, playing by the water, swimming, walking in the Swedish forests, mountain biking, canoeing and all manner of outdoor activities. See our Swedish country map, above, for tips on what to do whilst you’re here.

To and from airports

You will most likely fly into Arlanda when arriving to Stockholm. From here the easiest and fastest way to get into Stockholm is by jumping on the train or bus and head south for Stockholm. The buss is the cheapest option to get into Stockholm and cost about 99kr* (€10), while the train (Arlanda Express), costs about 250kr* (€25) and takes 20 minutes. Sometimes they have promotions, where two can travel for the price of one, which makes it much more affordable. You will get to Stockholm Central with both train and bus, however, the buses stop at other places as well, and one of them go to Söder. If you’re heading to the south of Sweden, you will most likely fly into Copenhagen airport, as this is bigger and often cheaper to fly into. From there you jump on the train (Öresunds tåget) towards Sweden and head to your destination. *2018

Travelling within Stockholm

Stockholm is easy to travel within, there’s metro, buses and trains. One trip will cost you 35kr* (€3.5) and lasts for 75 min. Buy an “Access” card and charge it with money before your journey. If you travel a lot buy a short term card with unlimited travel. There are also boats that goes between some of the islands in Stockholm. The most used one being from Slussen to Djurgården. There’s also a boat from Hammarby Sjöstad to Södermalm. These cost the same as other public transport. However, there are other boats to other destinations with different tariffs. For example, Hammarby Sjöstad to Djurgården or Slussen to Fjäderholmarna. So make sure to check first. *2018

By train

Trains run in most parts of the country, however, it can be expensive. If you’re young you get a discount and sometimes you can find cheap last minute tickets. In general flying is about the same price, and way faster. Swedish trains are also infamous for being late. As a Swede, you feel like you won the lottery if your train is leaving AND arriving on time!

By bus

The cheapest option would be buses, but they also take the longest time as well. But are in general quite comfortable.

By car

Driving in Sweden is easy. There’s not much traffic (especially not when you’re away from the cities) and roads are in good condition. Make sure to keep within speed limits though, as the fines are very high.

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