Montenegro was the country which many of our friends and family said we would love. This small country sees a great deal of tourists, especially during the summer months as it has many beautiful towns along the sea. However, after a few days we had enough and decided to leave much earlier than planned. In the end we only spent 4 days in Montenegro and we never really fell in love with it. So is it worth going to Montenegro?

Is it worth going to Montenegro?

We know that it is not fair to judge the whole country from only two places, but it was enough for us to get on with our travels to another country. However, I think there are nicer destinations in the area than Montenegro, depending on what you are looking for of course. If you want a nice easy holiday, Montenegro is great, but if you want a more adventures, off the beaten path kind of trip, then I would suggest going to Bosnia-Herzegovina or Albania. These two countries sees way fewer tourists and are much cheaper than Montenegro. We also absolutely fell in love with both Bosnia and Albania.

Why we didn’t fall in love with Montenegro

Don’t get us wrong, Montenegro is absolutely stunning! Both places we went were beautiful and the scenery outside the bus window through the country was amazing. However, we did not fall in love with Montenegro.. When we first arrived to Montenegro everyone spoke English, which we weren’t used to, and all of a sudden Euro was the currency. We also found everything very pricey.

If we had come here first, or directly from Croatia, I think we would have really enjoyed Montenegro, and it would also have felt cheap. However, we arrived from Bosnia, which was much cheaper and felt way more authentic. We really enjoy non touristy places when we travel, but unfortunately Montenegro, at least by the coast, is very touristy. So after Bosnia, we just didn’t like the feel of Herceg Novi or Kotor, and decided to skip into Albania directly.

Again, I know we judged Montenegro way too quickly, but for us it made sense, especially from a budget point of view to head to a cheaper place and less touristy. It just felt too organised and too catered for tourism for our taste. But we will give Montenegro another chance one day!

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