Albania is a beautiful country, blessed with amazing nature, mountains and good food. One thing I did not expect in Albania was all the picturesque and historical towns and cities. I was blown away time after time visiting some of these places. It is such a underestimated country that should go on more people’s radar, or maybe not, to keep the charm. Either way, this is our list of the most beautiful cities and towns in Albania that you have to visit:


Gjirokaster was my favourite stop in Albania. The old town looked like it was taken straight out of a fairytale, with beautiful architecture, a big castle on the top of the hill, and killer views over mountains. I was speachelss every morning I woke up to the amazing views from the AirBnb we rented, and just stood for 5 minutes in awe before I could go about my day.

The views from our AirBnb apartment
Beautiful architecture in old town, with the mountains in the background

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Berat is blessed with a super pretty little old town and a living castle with amazing views over the mountains. This is one of the main places to visit when in Albania, but one can definitely see why with the small cobbled alleys and unique architecture.

Inside old town of Berat
Cobbled alleys everywhere. And the new town in the background
The famous view overlooking the old town

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Korçë is a cute small city with an old bazaar area and some beautiful architecture. There’s also a lot of places to visit in the surrounding area – like small mountain villages and hiking etc.

The square in the old Bazaar area of Korçë

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Shkodër is in the northern part of Albania, close to the border to Montenegro. It’s a beautiful small city with loads of history and architecture to see. A small city centre with loads of places to sit for a cup of coffee and a lively market on weekends.

Shkodër city centre at sunset
Village life in Shkodër and all the colorful houses everywhere

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